what do

cutthroat shamrock,

cristabel and the jons,

the vibraslaps,

hudson k,

grandpa's stash,

roman reese & the cardinal sins,


jonathan sexton & the big love choir

have in common?


Singer Songwriter Night

"now it's your turn..."

1st Tuesdays 6pm-10pm in the Speakeasy:

win gigs, up to $25 in Pub money

and good company!


If you're a band looking to play at Preservation Pub...

Don't be afraid little musician, I won't bite.

Contact: booking@preservationpub.com

Please include a webpage link with songs, videos, and specific dates.

Please do not call the Pub. 

I only book through email.


Preservation Pub, 28 Market Square, Knoxville TN, 37902, 865- 524- 2224, fax 865- 633- 5307